Is Merchant Navy a good Career option?


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Is Merchant Navy a good Career option?

Career in Merchant Navy

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Merchant Navy

There are many nuances of a Career in Merchant Navy. I want to first understand What a Career in Merchant Navy entails before I invest time and effort to figure out How to start a Career in Merchant Navy. My research about a Career in Merchant Navy became a lot more meaningful when I found:

Siddharth Deoli's outlook!

Siddharth Deoli has worked in Merchant Navy for 23 years & 8 months. Siddharth Deoli has worked in Merchant Navy as Master Mariner in Teekay Shipping Ltd. In Siddharth Deoli's own words, this is how Siddharth Deoli got into Merchant Navy: "I joined T S Chanakya, Mumbai for Merchant Navy Training. I have been sailing as a Captain in Teekay Shipping Ltd since 1995." Siddharth Deoli has a profile in Resume 2.0 format on:

Career Video on Merchant Navy

In a video, Siddharth Deoli has talked about various aspects of a Career in Merchant Navy. Siddharth Deoli started by explaining Merchant Navy as: "A merchant navy or merchant marine is the fleet of merchant vessels that are registered in a specific country. On merchant vessels, Seafarers of various ranks and sometimes members of maritime trade unions are required to carry Merchant Mariner's Documents." The video gave me so much food for thought.

In this video Education was discussed as theoretical topics needed to excel at Merchant Navy, and not as Qualifications needed to enter Merchant Navy. Siddharth Deoli touches upon these in the Education section of the Video:
  • Science
  • Astronomy
  • Meteorology
  • Mechanics
  • Geography
  • Management
  • Navigation & Electrical Engineering
Sills and success goes hand in hand. One needs to get a hold of essential skills.
Siddharth Deoli then explains why these Skills are essential for a Career in Merchant Navy:
  • Leadership
  • Adaptable
  • Decision Making
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Communication
Positives of this Career are quite interesting.
Siddharth Deoli believes that the following are some of the Positives of a Career in Merchant Navy:
  • Monetary Potential
  • Disciplined Lifestyle
  • Travel & Culture
  • Personality Development
  • Professionalism
  • Adventures
After a discussion on Positives, Challenges complete the caricature of a Career.
And, Siddharth Deoli believes that one needs to prepare for following Challenges of a Career in Merchant Navy:
  • Isolation
  • Away from Family
  • Lack of Social Life
  • Cyclic Nature
  • Challenging Environment

In the final section of the video Siddharth Deoli talks about How a day goes in a Career in Merchant Navy. This video is by far the best video on a Career in Merchant Navy, that I have ever come across. To see the full Talk, one needs to install the LifePage Career Talks App. Here is a direct deep link of the Video:

Career Counseling 2.0

This video on a Career in Merchant Navy opened my eyes to a completely new perspective and got me interested in LifePage. LifePage has the most comprehensive Career List. LifePage is the world’s most evolved Career Platform. You can use LifePage to find your Career Objective. LifePage also offers the most comprehensive Career Planning process. You can use LifePage to explore more than a thousand Career Options. LifePage has the most exhaustive Career List. It is truly Career Counseling 2.0 I think LifePage is doing an amazing job of connecting real professionals with Career seekers. It is truly an amazing innovation in the area of Career Counseling. You can learn more about LifePage on:

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